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Official "heavenforums" Rules

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1 Official "heavenforums" Rules on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:39 am


As a Member of this Site you are required to follow the Rules. Any violation of the Site Rules and Policies will have consequences. Rules may be changed at any time by the Founder. You may or may not receive a notification for it. So, you should check them every now and then, so to keep yourself updated if any changes may occur to the Rules of the "heavenforums" Site.

The "heavenforums" Site reserves the right to remove your Account access at any time for any reason. You may or may not receive a notification for it as well.

If someone repeatedly violates the Rules, especially after several warnings, his/her account will be Banned. He/she may or may not receive a warning first.

"heavenforums" Forum Posting Rules:

* Posts to the Forum must be only in English language. English is a universal language, so it can be understandable by everyone. Please, do not post in your own language.

* Please, first search for old Topics before creating a new one. If you have no Authority to create a New Topic, then you can ask from a Forum Moderator or a Global Moderator or the Administrator or the Founder to create one for you, by giving the Topic's Title and the first post for it.

* A Topic must have a proper Title and proper post(s) on it. If a User creates a Topic (in case he/she has the access to create one), or a Member requests a Topic (in case he/she does not have the access to create one) such as "@@Help me...&&", or "!!!Wh@t R U Doin' Rite NoW!! ????", will not be acceptable. The Forum staff have the right to change the Topic's Title and the post(s) on it in case they find it to be improper. So, when creating a New Topic, try to be as proper as possible mentioning a well-stated Title for the Topic and posting an appropriate first message for it.

* Do not use inappropriate language.

* Do not post in CAPITAL letters. It's considered rude, hard to read and that you are yelling at someone.

* No flaming. Flaming involves Topics that are insulting or degrading; posts that are off-topic or directed at other members.

* No derogatory comments about other users.

* No spamming. Intentionally posting multiple posts that contain the same content is considered spam.

* No personal attacks, modification of a user's image, impersonation, posting private information, posting a user's photograph without permission.

* No selling any kind of things.

* No double account (if we find one the accounts will be deleted and the user banned forever)

* No links to other websites that contain binary files.

* No links to auction sites or other websites with stores.

* Please thank those who help you. It's common courtesy.

* Stay on topic.

* Respect the Moderators, the Global Moderators, the Administrator and the Founder. Starting unnecessary discussions and/or conversations having derogatory content about actions that may have been taken by the above categories of Members are not acceptable. Constructive criticism is welcome though.

* Ignoring several warnings from the staff to correct behavior may result in a Permanent Ban/Deletion of the Account.

"heavenforums" Private Message, Visitor Profile Posting And E-mail Rules:

The followings are not allowed:

* Using the Private Message System, Visitor Profile Posting and E-mail Form to harass or threaten other Members.

* Sending spam, commercial announcements via the E-mail, Private Message and Visitor Profile Posts.

* Sending links to pornographic or other inappropriate content.

* Links to outside files.

"heavenforums" Avatar / Display Picture Rules:

* No offensive images or language.

* No pornographic and inappropriate images.

* The "heavenforums" Content Upload Policy (it’s mentioned further below) applies to Avatars as well.

"heavenforums" Profile Rules:

* The Founder reserves the right to edit your profile information to remove the offensive, inappropriate or any unwanted content. You may or may not receive a warning first.

* The "heavenforums" Content Upload Policy (it’s mentioned further below) and the "Global Forums" Forum Posting Rules (it’s mentioned further above) apply to User Profiles as well.

"heavenforums" Content Upload Policy

"heavenforums" does not allow uploads of the following nature:

* Implied violence, racism or avocation against any individuals/groups/organizations.

* Hacking/cracking content.

* References to illicit drugs and/or drug paraphernalia.

* Pornography, profanity or inappropriate content.

* Gambling or casino-related content.

* Excessive advertising.

* Content that promotes illegal activity.

* Content that infringes on or promotes infringement upon the legal rights of others.

* Sales or promotion of certain weapons, such as firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, brass knuckles, and similar items.

* Sales or promotion of alcoholic beverages.

* Sales or promotion of tobacco or related products.

* Sales or promotion of prescription drugs.

* Sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods, or any infringement of copyrights or trademarks.

Thank you for reading and I hope that we will work together to keep this forum clean and accessible to everyone.

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