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Explanation of the forum ranks

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1 Explanation of the forum ranks on Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:36 pm


To better understand the ranks i will explain it, from the bottom to the top:

None special ranks:

*New member:
*Junior member:
*Senior Member:
(all these ranks require a specified post number:
-New member: 0
-Newbie: 20
-Junior member: 70
-Member: 150
-Senior Member: 300
-Legendary: 1000 )

Special ranks:

*VIP: - have access to the VIPsection
*Reviewer: - reviews all kinds a stuff
*Head Reviewer: - same as the reviewer(group leader)
*GFX Designer: - designs graphics for the forum and for the members, and moderates the graphic forum
*Moderator: - moderates a specified forum
*Head Moderator: - same as the moderator(group leader)
*Global Moderator: - moderates the whole forum
*Head Global Moderator: - same as the global mod(group leader)
*Founder: - administrates the whole forum
*Aministrator: - the Founders assistant(has the same role as the founder)
(These ranks do not require a specified post number, they are given by the Administrator(Founder) to a specified member.
The head moderator, reviewer, global moderator is the head member in the specified group.)

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 » Community » Announcements & News » Explanation of the forum ranks

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